Champion's District

(Unaligned to evil)

Champion’s District towers over Sasserine’s western skyline, a district of soldiers, gladiators, mercenaries, and warriors who follow in the footsteps of the city’s first lord-mayor, a priest of Bane named Teraknian. Champion’s District has a notso-friendly relationship with the Noble District, and citizens see themselves as the true and rightful leaders of the city. Champion’s District’s representative nobles are the Lorchesters, old blood who have been established in Sasserine nearly from the city’s foundation. The family’s patriarch, Neldrak Lorchester, is generally thought to be a bit too scheming for his own good. The Lorchesters have recently clashed with Cudgel District’s Taskerhill family over ownership of Thunder River Lumber. Closer to home, they’ve been at odds with another Champion’s District noble family, the Toregsons. Rumor holds that the source of the confl ict between the Lorchesters and the Toregsons has something to do with the Smith’s Guild.

Also of note in Champion’s District is the Scarlet Embassy. This relatively new structure is the home of one Anteki Alresian, an ambassador to the sinister and (some would say) untrustworthy Scarlet Brotherhood. Anteki’s presence in the city, and in Champion’s District, has been nothing but positive on the surface—he’s donated a fair amount of resources to public works, and the Embassy has an open door policy for visitors. Still, rumors abound that the Embassy is nothing more than a front used by the Scarlet Brotherhood to lull Sasserine into a false sense of security for a Brotherhood assault from the sea.

Gladitorial Challenges

The Sasserine Arena is one of the more popular entertainment venues in Sasserine. Fights are scheduled at minimum once per week by an organization of mercenaries, hunters, and explorers known as Zelkarune’s Horns. Fights in the Sasserine Arena are generally not to the death, but are often used to settle debts or conflicts between people or orginizations. At other times, Zelkarune’s Horns sponsor what are known as “Dragon Challenges,” in which local heroes and mercenaries fight against dangerous creatures. The Horns are said to be preparing a yearly event that pits numerous teams of gladiators against each other, modeled after the world-famous “Champion’s Games” held yearly in the Free City far to the north, although they have yet to anounce a date for the first competition.

City Watch

The Champion’s Watch are the most militant of the seven watches. Their members patrol the streets of Champion’s District in full uniform on regular schedules; their presence in the district is as much for show as for law enforcement. Members of the Watch are expected to take part in Arena events monthly, with any winnings being split with the church of Bane. The Champion’s Watch looks down (literally and figuratively) on the Shadowshore Watch, regarding them as little better than the criminals they know populate that district. Of the seven watches, the Champion’s Watch comprises the most loyal and incorruptible members; their high pay and morale render internal corruption all but unknown.


If you’re from Champion’s District, you may belong to a minor noble family, and have probably been to the Sasserine Arena several times. You might know someone who has fought in the arena, and may have desires to test your mettle there yourself someday. Alternately, you may be interested in exploring the Amedio Jungle to try to gather trophies (living or dead) for Zelkarune’s Horns. If you’re of a less martial bent but still hail from this district, perhaps you have some ties to the Scarlet Embassy. Although it’s unlikely you’re fully a member of the Scarlet Brotherhood, the Embassy has been known to accept locals as agents or apprentices from time to time. You likely worship Bane, or possibly Bahamut. If you worship The Raven Queen, you keep your faith personal and close to your chest.

Notable NPCs
  • Anteki Alresian (half-elf male): Anteki is an ambassador from the sinister Scarlet Brotherhood. He maintains a civil and even respectable veneer, but many suspect him of having ulterior motives in Sasserine.
  • Neldrak Lorchester (drow male): Lord of Lorchester Manor and representative of Champion’s District on the Dawn Council. Neldrak has a reputation of being canny and scheming.
  • Tormagal Gred (warforged male): Tormagal, a no-nonsense and humorless man, is the high priest of the church of Bane.
  • Urik Toregson (dwart male): Master of Toregson Manor and owner of the Smith’s Guildhall in Merchant District, Urik is a popular figure who’s made a name for himself in staged fights at the Arena.
  • Zasker Grankus (half-orc male): A likable (if intimidating) one-time barbarian, Zasker runs the group of hunters and mercenaries known as Zelkarune’s Horns.

    Champion’s District Locations

    Shops: Nobles, watch & temples: Taverns, inns, brothels: Guilds & trade companies:
    5: Zelkarune’s Hall (museum and adjunct to Arena) 3: Sasserine Sendings (messenger service) 1: Six Swords Tavern (tavern) 9: Moneylender’s Guildhall
    8: The Trophy Hunter (curio shop) 4: Lorchester Manor (district representative) 2: Rumblegut’s (tavern/inn) 16: Lanternlighter’s Guildhall
    10: Gladiator’s Best (fine weapons) 6: Redwall Stable 12: The Tipsy Troglodyte (tavern)
    18: Museum of Mayhem (museum of Arena battles) 7: Sasserine Arena 13: Three Dwarves Digging (tavern/gaming hall)
    22: Fendal’s Pets (exotic pets and guard beasts) 11: Toregson Manor (minor noble) 15: Aunt Kylie’s (brothel)
    23: Liomar’s Links (fine chainmail products) 14: Champion’s Corner Stable 26: Bane’s Quencher (tavern)
    24: Vildivar’s (bows, arrows, ranged weapons) 17: Champion’s Garrison 27: The Catapulter (tavern/gaming hall)
    25: Bee in the Bottle (potions) 19: Shrine of Sehanine
    29: The Hidden Vortex (fortune teller) 20: House of Bane (district church)
    30: Snaver’s Kennel (animal trainer) 21: Shrine of Gruumsh
    31: Spells for Swords (magic shop, ritual components, some magic items (weapons, armor)) 28: Champion’s Lighthouse
    32: Bane’s Market (general goods, weapons, armor, metalwork) 33: Scarlet Embassy
    34: Shrine of Kord


Champion's District

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